Return Policy

Replacement of INCORRECT, MISSING or DEFECTIVE product

If the received merchandise you ordered is INCORRECT, MISSING or DEFECTIVE (not caused by postal damage, e.g. electrical products cannot be properly opened), you can return it within seven (7) days from the date of delivery. Please return by the following rules.

1. All packaging of the merchandise must be in the original state. Please keep all the parts and accessories provided with the merchandise, including brochures, certificates, labels, markings, consumables, bags and boxes. We will not accept a return if any of the listed items are missing.

2. In order for us to process your request for a return or replacement. You will need to send us the order number, product name, product photos and the reason for the request. Please send the following information to

3. If the customer fails to provide a photo of the product for verification, we reserve the right to refuse the return of the product.

4. After getting confirmation from our reply, we suggest you visit our showroom directly to get a replacement. All replacement can only be accepted ONCE.

5. Shipping charges for returned items and shipping of correct merchandise will be undertaken by XEXYMIX HONG KONG LIMITED.

6. In the case of the merchandise is out of stock, our company will refund the amount of the item within 2weeks. (Order which paid shipping fee, please understand the shipping fee had been used, shipping charges will not be refunded.)
Replacement of SIZE of apparels
(Any clothing that are white or designated non-replaceable products are not replaceable)
1. Please keep all the original packaging and accessories (including brand price tag, brochures, bag, and boxes etc).

2. Provide order number, product name, product photos and the reason of return. Please send the information to

3. Customer MUST visit our showroom directly to get a replacement. (Ensure the clothes status and accessories. We do not accept returns by delivery).

4. We only accept size replacements. (Please note that some models only produce Free Size)

5. Replacement can only be accepted ONCE.

Order canceled for personal reasons
If you want to cancel your order after your confirmation due to personal reasons, we only accept applications submitted on the same day.

If products have already been sent, the order cannot be cancelled. Please contact us immediately by email to make arrangements.

c/Personal reasons (All cosmetics, unpacked electronic products, white clothing, underwear, shoes, discounted goods and designated non-returnable products are not returnable)

*For all orders that have been sent for personal reasons and require a refund, our company will charge 10% of the ordered products as an administrative fee. For example, if the product price is HKD$300, the company will refund HKD$270. Please consider carefully when placing your order.

Upon dispute, XEXYMIX HONG KONG Limited reserves the right to make the final decision on all returns and refund cases. XEXYMIX Hong Kong reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without prior notice.