About Us

Global platform for contemporary independent designer labels, connecting most desirable brands and consumers. Fill your wardrobes with effortless chic clothing.

BXC established in 2015, the founder Mr. Kim’s perspicacity had brought numerous potential fashion and beauty brands to Hong Kong. Under his nurturance, promotion and assistance, he successfully hybrided the brands into Hong Kong’s fast fashion culture, ended up boosting several Korean brands to an international scope.
Mr. Kim said, ‘Fashion is art, and it’s the most straightforward way to show who you are.’ To achieve a better life, you may explore your own style and lifestyle by selecting suitable products. That’s why Mr. Kim is determined to nurture new fashion designers, wishing to introduce a new variety of fashion that is casual and lowkey simultaneously to customers.

Mr. Kim has been upholding 3 criteria in selecting brands, which are the designers, the story of the brand and the product itself. “As long as the product is outstanding, we would undoubtedly invite them for joining us.” Therefore, you are able to find comfy, stylish and high quality fashion in BXC. Arts and lifestyle up-to-date news are available to you all too.'

Scraping high quality fashion brands all over the world. Simplicity, comfort and style have rolled in one, which aims to filled in customers’ wardrobes with casual, low-key but fashionable items.
BXC Commerce Limited